At Itana, we’re building digital, physical and cultural infrastructure and looking for aligned partners in each category.


We will be housing the most talented startup entrepreneurs and become the home to the next unicorns born on the continent. We will be partnering with a variety of program and community operators. Whether you’re interested in offering a program in our city or would like to be an investor in our innovation fund, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


We are looking for aligned and innovative commercial and retail partners to serve the technology workforce of tomorrow, including co-working and co-living operators, world-class restaurants and cafes, retail brands, and many more.

We will be building sector-focused experiential space to showcase the future of banking, healthcare, transportation, security, commerce, sports, and entertainment. If you are interested in opening a branch at Itana, we’d love to have a chat.


Itana is designed for the builder of tomorrow, the home of the future for entrepreneurs, creators, and every kind of builder. To that end, we’ve partnered with those who offer services to the community, including our growing digital community and the dynamic future community of residents and visitors.

We are also beginning conversations with partners in clean, sustainable technology including energy, water, construction, WiFi network, mobility, and smart home technology.


A unique opportunity to invest in the project! We are looking for aligned investors in forms of equity and debt.

Remote Teams

Itana is built to be the optimal live, work, play community for remote teams to power their productivity. We are happy to share housing and office options.

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