An exclusive group of 100 companies influencing policies in Africa’s first free zone for the digital economy.
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Africa is undergoing a significant digital revolution.

Itana, as a part of DiFZIN (Initiative for the Promotion of Digital Free Zones In Nigeria), is working with the Federal Government of Nigeria to establish the first Digital Zone in Africa. We're designing the policies and regulatory framework to allow tech and service-based businesses to operate with ease and to scale across the continent.

Traditionally, you must have a physical presence to do business in Africa. With the Itana Zone, we’re building a borderless economy where you can incorporate your business remotely, from anywhere in the world, and talent and capital can combine remarkably.

Shenzhen grew from a small fishing village, expanded 10,000-fold in 40 years to become one of the ten largest economies in the world; Dubai from a desert country to housing over 30 Free Zones, and Delaware from an industrial town to a powerhouse for global business incorporation. Itana is taking learnings, and developing the next E-Estonia, Delaware, and DIFC in Africa.

    Be one of the first 100 companies to register in Africa’s first digital zone

    We’re welcoming you to join us as we assemble the Itana 100: one hundred technology, financial, and digital service businesses that will
      • Shape the future of e-governance and legal framework for the Digital Zones of Nigeria
      • Be the voice of your industry, and share insights as we liaise with African governments
      • Join a community of ambitious founders innovating on the African continent
      The Itana 100 will leave their prints in the founding policies and framework of free zone operations for digital businesses on the African continent.
      Join the itana 100

      As one of the Itana 100, you get to

      • Set up a corporate entity (Free Zone Enterprise) and take advantage of the tax, banking, and immigration benefits of the Nigerian Free Zones.
      • Exclusive invite to the global launch of Itana in Q2, 2024, along with marketing perks such as free exhibition booths, speaking slots, access to VIP delegates, and so on.
      • Complementary legal and compliance consulting services (worth $5,000).
      • Access to a marketplace network of curated and vetted professionals including HR, marketing, and more!

        Who makes up the Itana 100?

        • Technology and digital service oriented companies who are expanding or operating in Nigeria/Africa.
        • Global business with international clientele or customers, employ a Nigerian talent workforce, raised funding or are generating revenue, or have global investors.
        • Founders excited about the opportunity to work with the Itana team on policy, product, and providing feedback in its pioneering stages.

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        Reserve your spot by filling out this form. You'll be required to make a payment.

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        Submit your business documents, and get started as a member of the Itana 100!


          Deadline to apply to join the Itana 100
          January 31, 2024

          Official launch event of the Itana Zone
          March 2024

          Commencement of Free Zone operations
          June 2024

          How to join the
          Itana 100

          Incorporate your business in the Itana Free Zone

          Instantly secure your slot on the Itana 100 when you register a company in the Itana Free Zone.

          Get $500 off your operating license for the first year.

          PS: 100% refund applicable if your business doesn’t scale the application process

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          If you have any questions or concerns, kindly visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, or reach out to us at, we’re always happy to help 💚