WELCOME TO ITANA, africa's first special economic zone   for the  digital economy

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Build a global business in Nigeria

Itana is a jurisdiction for global startups, technology and service businesses that operate in Nigeria, providing ideal do-business environment and unique business incentives. We offer end to end support for incorporation, banking, immigration and business operations services.
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Doing business in Africa made easier, establish a zero tax business entity remotely

In partnership with the Nigerian government, we are building the first Virtual City Special Economic Zone designed for the fastest-growing technology and services ecosystem.

Technology and service based companies can operate remotely and be able to take advantage of free zone benefits including tax benefits, easy repatriation of foreign capital investments, 100% foreign ownership, and more.

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A place to live to the fullest and do your best work.

Starting in the bustling tech hub of Lagos, Nigeria, Itana will be Africa’s Silicon Valley.

Equipped with fast Internet and 24/7 uninterrupted power, Itana provides an environment that is most conducive to productivity.

Built from scratch to power remote work, Itana District will be a sustainable live-work-build environment that will have ample coworking spaces, parks, outdoor phone booths with a fully integrated digital app that unites every aspect of life.

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An ecosystem of entrepreneurs and business owners

Itana Digital Residency is an international community of founders and companies that are interested in doing business in Africa or are currently operating in Africa.

Connect with like-minded builders, innovators, and operators on the continent, network and partner with local technology companies, hire great local talent.

Itana Digital Residency provides a platform to learn everything you need about navigating the business landscape and starting a company in Nigeria.

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*Tentative timeline subject to change.


User research

Launch of digital residency community

Acquisition of land


Master plan, real estate feasibility.

Engagement with government on digital free zone


Ideal policy concept for technology companies

Early anchor tenants

Development financing


Community growth

Architectural design

Design of Itana digital platform


Ground break



First residents

Be among the founding businesses

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