Instantly Access Africa’s Largest Markets from the itana digital zone

The Itana Digital Zone is designed to enable tech and service-based businesses to easily access Africa’s largest markets while operating remotely from anywhere in the world without the added cost of setting up a physical presence.


Backed by global partners, investors,
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Federal Government of Nigeria Coat of arms

Why Itana

Set up and start operating in no time

Registering in Itana and accessing government and business services is seamless and efficient, saving you time and ensuring that you can focus on what’s most important: building your business.

Tax benefits

As a business within the free zone, you'll enjoy tax advantages on Corporate Income Tax, VAT, and tax on dividends in non-custom areas.

Multiple currencies and seamless banking operations

Operate and provide services in foreign currencies, making it easier to do business and repatriate earnings to your home country. You also get a quick setup of your bank accounts.

Expert legal advice on licensing requirements

Our team of policy experts will guide you through identifying and acquiring the licenses required to operate in your sector of interest.

Priority visa processing, no expat quota

When you operate in the Itana Digital Free Zone, you’ll get priority Nigeria business visa processing for you and your team with exemption from expatriate quota.

100% foreign ownership

In Itana, you get to hold 100% ownership of your company without needing a local partner.

Access to Africa’s largest economies

Itana provides a gateway to Nigeria and other African markets, with the largest software talent workforce along with strategic local partnerships that facilitate global expansion opportunities.

World-class infrastructure

By 2026, first phase of the Itana District will be launched to foster a live-work-build facility that allows you to do your best work

Vibrant Founder community

Access an elite network of startup founders and established businesses, fostering collaboration and growth.

Taking learnings from Delaware, E-Estonia, and Dubai, we are building Africa's best business-friendly jurisdiction.

Incorporate your business in 3 steps

Step 1

Complete this form, telling us more about your business. You'll then make a payment of $250 (this fee is collected on behalf of NEPZA, our government partner).

Step 2

You will receive an email from the Itana team to schedule an exploratory call. We're working with only 100 companies right now, and we'd like to learn a little more about what you're building.

Step 3

Submit your business documents, and we'll take it from there! You'll receive your Business Registration Certificate in two to four weeks, and you can begin operations as a FZE!

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Legal & Compliance Manager @Future Africa
Converting to naira to pay our employees is a stressful process, and people want to earn in USD. additionally, we have expatriates from different parts of the world, not only is there a limited expatriate quota, the cost is quite high. I’m pumped that Itana may help solve all of these problems.


Founder & COO @Ecofresh
It's been difficult to repatriate capital out of Nigeria for my business and I’ve been looking for a scalable way for a while. Itana potentially can be the only way to solve this problem.


Founder & CEO @Empowa
I’m trying to expand my business into West Africa. What Itana is trying to do that differs from others is that we’re part of an ecosystem. And I value being a part of a community with other startups more than going in our own way.
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A seamless process for establishing a free zone business entity.

Introducing Itana Edge, the fastest way to register for a business entity in Africa’s first free zone for the digital economy.

Powered by a transparent, and easy-to-use platform, Itana is the gateway to doing business in West Africa for companies from around the world.

The platform will offer a variety of e-services designed for service-oriented companies including business registration, visa processing, and offshore banking all done seamlessly online.

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Learn more about Itana

Want to learn more about Itana, and how you can leverage it to drive your business growth? Read our Frequently Asked Questions or send us an email at We're always happy to help! 💚