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Itana is a special economic zone that offers an ideal do-business environment and regulatory framework for global technology companies, startups, and digital entrepreneurs. We offer an easy-to-use one stop shop platform to remotely incorporate and operate out of the special economic zone.

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A seamless process for establishing a free zone business entity.

Introducing Itana Edge, the fastest way to register for a business entity in Africa’s first Digital Free Zone.

Powered by a transparent, and easy-to-use platform, Itana is the gateway to doing business in West Africa for companies from around the world.

The platform will offer a variety of e-services designed for service-oriented companies including business registration, visa processing, and offshore banking all done seamlessly online.

Taking learnings from Delaware, E-Estonia, and Dubai, we are building the best for Africa.

Digital governance via a user-friendly digital app

Free zone company registration

Fully digitized processes to register a free zone business entity


Digital visa processing for your team, Nigeria business permits for up to three years


Set up bank account online to operate your business


0 Corporate tax, 0% tax on profit, 0% capital gains tax, 0% VAT


Culture of innovation along with an engaging community of entrepreneurs and services for ease of business

Founders, investors, and business
owners in our ecosystem


Legal & Compliance Manager @Future Africa
Converting to naira to pay our employees is a stressful process, and people want to earn in USD. additionally, we have expatriates from different parts of the world, not only is there a limited expatriate quota, the cost is quite high. I’m pumped that Itana may help solve all of these problems.


Founder & COO @Ecofresh
It's been difficult to repatriate capital out of Nigeria for my business and I’ve been looking for a scalable way for a while. Itana potentially can be the only way to solve this problem.


Founder & CEO @Empowa
I’m trying to expand my business into West Africa. What Itana is trying to do that differs from others is that we’re part of an ecosystem. And I value being a part of a community with other startups more than going in our own way.

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