Our first district, a city within a city in Alárò

Our first location is a 72,000 sqm mixed-use district in Alaro City in Lagos, Nigeria.

Itanna means the “kindling of a fire” in the language of Yoruba as we build an enabling environment that nurtures 3,000 entrepreneurs, creatives, and every kind of builder. Featuring a central startup campus – our Town Square, Itana will encompass coliving, coworking, and private residential apartments steps away from world-class restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Designed with the needs of the community in mind, the neighbourhood will be complemented with biking trails, public art displays, and outdoor work cabins.

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Far enough to be different, yet just close enough from home.

Living in Itana means 24/7 power, clean water, and reliable Internet connectivity. Infrastructure is built from the ground up with sustainability in mind, separate from the power grid of Lagos. Yet, we understand that being in close proximity to home, family, and friends is important. Hence, we will be providing reliable transit service to and from Lagos by land, water, and air.

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Itana will be located within Alárò City, a new master-planned city of over 2,000 hectares in the Lekki Free Zone developed by Rendeavour, complete with facilities including schools, healthcare facilities, bike lanes, and 150 hectares of parks and open spaces.

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Sustainable, green architecture.

Lagos is highly exposed to environmental pollution.
Prevalent power generators cause noise and air pollution; constant traffic causes dangerous carbon emissions.

At Itana, we realize that to achieve high quality of life, we must be sensitive to our environment. From design to construction and operations, we thrive to make our city is sustainable, green, and environmentally friendly.

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A fine blend of live and
work. Fostering technology startup innovation.

Itana is made up of a community of entrepreneurs and creative professionals. We bring together the brightest minds to live and work in a tight-knit community with weekly events, talks, and dinner gatherings. It is the people that make a difference. We create a productive and collaborative environment to let those with serious ambitions build.

Attainability, our ecosystem

The Itana ecosystem is made up of not just the tech community, but also the artists, creatives, investors, service workers and families. We are selective in who we want to bring into our community as we look for community-minded individuals and teams. Yet, we hope to be the most inclusive place in bringing together people from different walks of life and putting community first.

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