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A community of innovators to support and inspire you on the journey of building for Africa’s future.




Itana Digital Residency is a community of founders and people who are interested in doing business in Africa or are operating in Africa. They are ambitious builders and innovators of Africa’s future.

Itana provides a platform for networking and partnership with local technology companies and talent, while learning all one needs to know about the business landscape of Africa.

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Our pioneer Digital Residents consist of 50 of the most impactful entrepreneurs, builders, and artists on the continent. They believe in the vision and bring to Itana their expertise, experience, and ideas.

Founding resident


Cofounder, Andela
Cofounder & CEO, Eden Life

Founding resident


Co-founder & CBO, Jamit

Founding resident

Oo Nwoye

Founder, TechCircle

Founding resident


COO, Bamboo

Founding resident


Head of Ecosystem for Sub Saharan Africa’ Google

Founding resident


Technical Advisor
to the CEO, Github



A community of talents

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Make life-long business partners & friends

We are connecting businesses & bringing together a like-minded community over coworking days, happy hours, and boat tours to Itana. Co-creating is meant to be a fun and collaborative journey. We invite you to join the fun, and to design the ideal environment by our side.

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Meet diverse

Meet interesting people, build valuable connections over our curated virtual and in-person events in our newest hubs of Lagos (Nigeria), Abuja, London, and New York City.

Co-create together

We invite you to be a part of the design process and influence the creation of ideal policy and governance for the digital economy along with a new way of living and working.

Business marketplace

We have a network of business partners and service providers curated and vetted by the Itana team to support you in launching and growing your business including business consultation, do-business and tax advice, and many more.

Active online community

Be part of an active digital community and connect with Founders and talents building amazing startups and enterprises across the world.

Partner perks

Get access to a collection of perks from Itana partners. Full list here.

Join digital Residency


1. What is the Itana Digital Residency?
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The Itana Digital Residency is a digital community of African innovators, creatives and builders who believe in the future of Africa and are creating solutions to actualise that future.

We created the Itana Digital Residency, a first step in accessing a plethora of our digital services and becoming a physical resident in Itana. We are an international and diverse group of ambitious technologists and artists who are actively building a future they believe in.

2. What are the benefits of becoming a Digital Resident?
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As an Itana Digital Resident, you have access to some of the most ambitious builders on the continent, with whom you can collaborate and learn from. Additionally, you will receive regular updates on the Itana project, enabling you to share your ideas and make contributions.

We are also developing a range of partner perks that will provide you with exclusive benefits.

3. What’s the profile of a digital resident? And Am I the right fit?
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Our Digital Residents are comprised of committed founders, investors, innovators, and talented individuals who are community-driven, purposeful, and willing to support others while sharing a belief in Itana. If you identify with any of these categories, the Digital Residency is the ideal platform for you to connect with like-minded individuals who share your values and ambitions.

4. How do I become a Digital Resident?
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It’s pretty simple, fill out this application form and pay the subscription fee of NGN100,000 or $100.

5. How much does it cost to become a digital resident?
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The subscription fee is NGN100,000 or $100 to become an Itana Digital Resident.

6. What is the timeline for the Digital Residency subscription?
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It is an annual subscription that begins once you’ve made payment.

7. Does being a Digital Resident mean I will have a space in the City?
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As a Digital Resident, you will be given preferential consideration to secure a space in the city.

8. When will the city be launched?
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We will keep you posted! It’s quite a massive project with both residential and commercial components. Our digital residents will be the first to know of updates :)

9. What if I live outside Africa? Can I still become a digital resident?
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Not a problem! Our community is international with a common interest in the future of Africa. We are very deliberate about curating the best experiences tailored for our diverse community.

10. Are there ways I can contribute to actualizing the vision of Itana with the Core Team?
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Yes, We are community driven in our approach to building our core services for business and talents to thrive. You will be engaged in periodic co-creation and design sessions.