Introducing the Itana 100

November 15, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce, and invite you to join the Itana 100 — an exclusive group of a hundred companies that will shape the founding policies and framework of free zone operations for digital businesses on the African continent.

Itana is a key stakeholder in the Initiative for the Promotion of Digital Free Zones In Nigeria (DiFZIN), and we’re collaborating with the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Nigeria Export Processing Zone Authority, to establish the first Digital Zone in Africa. The goal is ambitious yet straightforward; to design policies and a regulatory framework that empowers tech and service-based businesses to operate seamlessly and scale across the continent.

Africa is at the forefront of a digital revolution

Africa is at the forefront of a digital revolution, and Itana is leading the charge with a vision to unlock the potential of the digital economy.

Traditionally, businesses faced the challenge of establishing a physical presence in every country they expanded into. However, with the Itana Free Zone, we are breaking down these barriers, creating a borderless economy where talent and capital can flourish in Africa, from any part of the world.

Taking inspiration from global success stories like Shenzhen, Dubai, and Delaware, Itana aims to develop the next E-Estonia, Delaware, and DIFC in Africa.

What is the Itana 100?

The Itana 100 is an exclusive group of a hundred companies that will shape the founding policies and framework of free zone operations for digital businesses on the African continent.

This means that as a member of the Itana 100, you will play a pivotal role in influencing policies for the digital zones in Nigeria thereby contributing to the future of governance in the digital age. Your company will also be the voice of your industry as Itana liaises with African governments to share valuable insights and contribute to the development of regulatory frameworks to aid efficient operations in free zones for the digital economy.

The application window to join the Itana 100 closes on January 31, 2024.

Exclusive benefits for Itana 100 members

- Set up your business as a Free Zone Enterprise which enables you to enjoy all the benefits available to digital free zone enterprises, such as; Tax Benefits, Off Shore Banking, and Immigration benefits and more.

- Exclusive invite to the global launch of Itana in Q2, 2024, with marketing perks including free exhibition booths, speaking slots, access to VIP delegates, and more.

- Access to complementary legal, and business advisory services worth $5,000.

- Access to a marketplace of curated and vetted professionals, including HR, marketing, and operations management partners.

How to join the Itana 100

1. The first step to being a part of the Itana 100 is to reserve your spot by filling out this form.

2. You'll receive an email from us (the Itana Team) to schedule an exploratory call.

3. After the call, you’ll be required to submit the necessary documents required from your business, upon vetting completion, you’ll become a part of the Itana 100.

You’ll be required to make a payment of $1,000 which goes into government fees for setting up your business in the zone. Kindly note that the fee is 100% refundable if your business does not scale through the application and qualification process

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