Digital Residency

What is the Itana Digital Residency?
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Itana Digital Residency is a community of founders and companies that are interested in doing business in Africa or are operating in Africa. They are ambitious builders and innovators of Africa’s future.

Community members have an interest in starting a company in Nigeria and be able to operate remotely and through the community will learn more about the business landscape of Africa and become better prepared to start a business.

Itana Digital Residency provides a platform and opportunities for networking with founders and investors as well as partnership building with local technology companies.

Who is Digital Residency for?
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It is for those who are interested in doing business and learning more about doing business in Nigeria/Africa and would like to connect with other African founders and tech companies.

It is also for those who are not yet ready to establish an entity in Nigeria but may have plans for it in the future.

What happens after I join Digital Residency?
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Once you’re a digital resident, you’re officially a part of our community. You’ll have access to our Slack channel and to communicate with our team directly.

You’ll likely be invited to our exclusive events (digital or in-person in Lagos or New York). Some past events include boat tour to the Itana District site, private dinner with some of the most influential entrepreneurs in Nigeria, etc.

Additionally, you’ll have access to discounts to a variety of partner perks as a member of the community including Eden Life, Dropbox, Carta, and more.