How do I obtain the Itana Business License?
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The process to set up a Free Zone Enterprise in Itana is as follows:

  • Complete the application form and make a payment. Then, you'll get an email confirmation from us.
  • We'll set up a call to learn more about your business and collect information about your leadership team, shareholding information, and KYC.
  • Complete legal registration documents and business plan (we'll provide easy-to-use templates)
  • ‍We'll work with NEPZA to complete the process and obtain your official Business Registration Certificate and Operating License.
How long will it take to register a company in the Itana Free Zone?
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It typically takes between two to four weeks upon submission of the application package. We are in the process of digitizing the application, reviewing, and registration process to reduce the time required to process the application.

What documents are required to obtain an Itana Business License?
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The application package includes the application form, registration documents, feasibility study, and registration fees, which will be submitted as a completed package to NEPZA by the Itana team.

In order to access the required documentation, please fill out this interest form or reach out to our team directly at

What details do I need to provide and why?
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To process your business license to operate in Itana, we’d need details of your enterprise including:

  • Details of the owners and shareholders
  • Details of the directors
  • Details of your principal officers, an appointed CEO, and a secretary

These details are important for the Nigerian Export Processing Zone Authority (NEPZA), the agency directed to manage free zones in Nigeria to confidently issue a certificate of registration recognizing your business as a Free Zone Enterprise.

Do I need a local partner in Nigeria or have any obligations for local shareholding?
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No, it is possible to have 100% foreign ownership in the Itana Digital Free Zone.

However, there are select industries, such as oil and gas which require majority Nigerian equity ownership. There are also industries generally prohibited e.g. production of arms and ammunition; production of and dealing in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances; production of military and para-military wears and accoutrement etc.

What is Itana’s relationship with NEPZA? Is Itana currently registered as a Free Zone Developer with NEPZA?
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Yes, NEPZA is the body in charge of regulating Free Zone operations in Nigeria, and Itana is registered as a Free Zone Developer with NEPZA

Does Itana offer virtual addresses to incorporated Free Zone businesses?
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Yes, when you set up your business in the Itana Digital Free Zone, we’ll assign an address to your business which can be used for all correspondence.

How long is the Itana Business License valid for?
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When you successfully incorporate your business in the Itana Digital Free Zone, you get a certificate of registration and an operating license.

The certificate of registration, presented by NEPZA, is a one-time certificate that doesn’t expire. You’ll be required to renew your operating license annually, in order to ensure that your business is compliant with the regulations for operating in the free zone.

Is there an expatriate quota to operate in the Free Zone?
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Typically, companies incorporated with CAC are subject to Expatriate Quota requirements and must obtain an Expatriate Quota before employing foreign nationals, whereas FZEs have no Expatriate Quota requirements.

Will the entity incorporated in Itana be allowed to do business in Nigeria or will it be considered an international business?
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Yes, being registered as an FZE allows you to operate in Nigeria (both within and outside the Free Zone). However, operations outside the Free Zone may be subject to specific customs territory ('mainland Nigeria') tax liabilities and obligations.